Unjo expands the R&D department

In order to further develop technical expertise and increase capacity for continued growth, Unjo is looking for additional R&D engineers in the future.

With two-thirds of the entire staff in research and development, Unjo already has one of the largest engineering teams in the industry focused exclusively on developing world leading customized motor control solutions.


All open positions below report directly to the Research and Development Manager and are located at Unjo´s Swedish head office in Mölndal.

R&D Embedded Software Engineer

As an embedded software engineer in Unjo’s development team, you are responsible for software development and maintenance of integrated customer systems to existing and future products, together with your colleagues. The position requires an excellent knowledge of embedded software on system level, intimate knowledge of hardware related software in embedded systems as well as an in-depth understanding of the interaction between software and digital hardware.

R&D Hardware Engineer

As a hardware engineer in the Unjo’s development team, you are responsible for hardware development, both to today’s product range and future customer products, together with your colleagues. Important demands on this position are a thorough understanding of hardware on system level, detailed knowledge of various digital and analogue hardware components as well as the interaction between software, hardware and mechanics. In addition, an insight on how different motors are controlled and operated is essential.

R&D Project Manager

The project manager is accountable to the project steering committee during the implementation of the product development project, which ends with an approved and delivered customer product.
This vital position requires its occupant to be involved from initial customer contacts to the closing of finished development projects. The role requires pro-active quotation support, development of project time-lines, risk analysis etc. based on customer demands and internal project specifications.

Applicants must have an MSc or BSc engineering degree. Important personal characteristics are being able to actively contribute to the department’s teamwork, independently perform comprehensive technical analysis as well as extensive project experience from previous positions.

If you are interested in additional information, please contact Unjo´s R&D Manger Tony Rydebrink