Unjo DI Gasell-company 2014

Unjo has been appointed Gasell-company for a third year running by Dagens Industri.

Sweden needs growth, and Swedish entrepreneurs need inspirational role models. Therefore the national business newspaper Dagens Industri appoints the fastest growing companies in the country to Gazelles.

All Gazelle-companies are masters at profitable growth and creating new jobs. In 2014 the Gazelle contest is arranged for the fifteenth consecutive year and less than 0, 5 % of Sweden’s companies qualify.

Among the qualification criteria are:

  • at least a doubled turnover in the last three years
  • increased organic sales every year during the last three years
  • a sound financial status during the last four years

“- The board of director are very pleased that Unjo AB has become a Gasell-company for a third year running, since it successfully prove that our strategy is sound and customized motor control solutions continue to offer many opportunities to profitable growth”, comments Undine Jänes, CEO of Unjo AB.

“- Another reason for this exciting result is that our German business development focus really has delivered accelerated growth and important customers during the last year“, she continues.