Unjo – Customized Motor Control – watch our video

Unjo provides superior motion control performance to market leading customers, thereby making our solutions their own unique selling point.

Unjo develop, design and manufacture customized motor control solutions that increases your products performance by meeting your highest demands for system efficiency, optimum performance, reduced form factor and energy efficiency.

We always maximize the power of our collective engineering knowledge and experience, having solved many challenging and demanding control solutions during more than two decades optimizing between hardware, software and programmable logic solutions, which we call Unjo Core™.

Our accumulated experience of successful customized motor control developments in a large variety of fields such as medical technology, defense, aerospace, power tools, manufacturing and the car industry, resulting in the creation of new markets leaders by working closely together throughout the entire development project.

The continuous development of our project process has been the foundation for where we are today and explains how we have successfully developed, tested, produced and improved customized motor control solutions to customers all around the world.

By allowing our engineers to design a customized solution to your unique motor control needs you can benefit from superior motion control performance:

  • Optimized performance, power density and precision
  • Robust motor control solutions with improved reliability
  • Superior precision and interference-free controls
  • Energy efficient and battery operated applications
  • Reduced weight, size as well as product- and production costs
  • Short time to market, life-time support and fast production volumes increases

Learn more about how this process works by watching our new video!