Orbit One partnership allows Unjo to focus on growth

Unjo is a rapidly growing company that designs customized motor control as PCB’s, micro controller, IP blocks and systems. All product design and development takes place at Unjo, and all manufacturing is done by contract manufacturer Orbit One since 2006.


Orbit One specializes in cost-effective printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly of electronics units for both low- and high-volume production. With 40 years in the industry, the company is one of the most experienced contract manufacturers on the Swedish market.

Orbit One manufactures a variety of PCB’s and sub assemblies for Unjo. This undertaking also includes quality control, documentation, parts logistics and direct deliveries to customers.

“The use of contract manufacturing has worked very well and means that we can focus on our core business. Investing our time and resources in product- and business development has been a vital part of our successful and profitable growth the last 10 years”, says Undine Jänes, CEO at Unjo. “Volumes have gone up dramatically since the start, making the Orbit One partnership both stronger and more important than ever for both companies”, she continues.

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