New semistandard motor control – Gepard

The latest Unjo’s semistandard motor control productis the Gepard board. It comes with multimotor control, high precision, energy saving capability and a wide range of possibilities to add user specific functionality.

Unjo Gepard provides a readymade hardware platform that only requires customized software to run. This board can be used to drastically shorten time to market. It can also serve as a cost efficient platform for prototyping or pre-study projects.

The 12 motor phases make for multi-motor control of 6 DC-motors or 3 2-phase stepper motors or 4 BLDC-motors or 4 AC-servo motors. It is also possible to mix motortypes. All motors can be synchronized or controlled individually.

To be able to control even more motors, an additional number of Gepard boards can be interconnected without losing performance. If high steppermotor resolution is required, the Gepard board manages more than 4096 microsteps for up to 4 stepper motors simultaneously. Thanks to the FPGA based design, it’s possible to incorporate functionality from the customer’s own IP-blocks.