High-power solutions

Increase the available fused mains power supply with up to 50 % with Unjo’s unique PFC (Power Factor Correction) solution.


Power Ascender

HIGH POWER supply solutions usually involve:

  • Continuous current & power supervision improves machine uptime and prevents blowing the fuse
  • Optimized system performance with less losses, reduced heat & lower energy consumption
  • Customized form factor and smaller footprint
  • Flexible power supply for both single- and three-phase applications
  • State of the art battery management
  • Local logic and user interface

Contact us if you want a state-of-the-art motor control solution for Power tools, machines or many other high-power supply applications.

We will explain how we are able to optimize your application and give huge competitive advantages to your product by working closely together through prestudy, adaptation, production and life cycle support.