Performance and energy efficiency in focus at SPS 2016

SPS IPC Drives is the exhibition for electric automation technology which covers among others IPCs, motor control technology, drive components and systems, HMI devices, industrial sensors and software as well as integrated automation solutions.

The 2016 exhibition attracted 1 605 manufacturers of electric automation technology and 63 291 visitors, out of which 528 exhibitors and 15 352 visitors came from other countries than Germany, making it Europe’s leading electric automation exhibition.

This was the 8th time Unjo participated in Nürnberg sharing our customized motor control solutions expertise by discussing development projects with a focus on improved speed, positioning accuracy, increased power and cost-efficiency within compact space requirements.


Unjo presented different applications showing some of the important benefits that customized motor controls can provide:

  • High performance and power density with customized form factor and increased fused main supply
  • World-class battery management system with integrated high power motor controller and HMI
  • High bandwidth Bluetooth remote control with interference free operation, very fast response and smooth operation
  • Compact and energy efficient generic motor control unit for different types of motors and load conditions
  • Cost efficient high volume motor control with improved response times in an existing and very small foot-print


“- Our continuous focus on developing and designing customized motor control solutions, meeting the very highest demands for optimized performance and cost-efficiency, has provided long-term growth and an ever-growing customer base for Unjo AB. SPS IPC Drives is the logical and natural venue to network with existing and new customers as well as EMS partners”, explains Undine Jänes, CEO, Unjo AB.