What we do

Unjo develops, designs and produces customized motor controls that meet your highest demands for cost-efficiency and optimized performance.

We deliver products to our customers which is a result of the adaptation project we do together, i.e. the supply is a combination of hardware and software, not consultant hours.

In all, we have concluded more than 100 different motor controller projects in industries ranging from medical technology to factory automation and defense/aerospace; from the consumer and automotive sectors to building automation and electric hand tools.

We deliver customized motor controls to you as:

     PCB’s                              Micro Controllers                 IP blocks                        Systems

– A customized designed and produced PCB, programmed with a unique software for your application is our most common delivery scope. Many of our solutions are embedded driver systems that provide functional integration such as power supply, HMI, interfacing, communication, sensors, display control, signal processing and battery management.


Micro Controllers – With a programmed micro controller you gain access to a tailored, optimized motor controller that can be used on your own PCB. If needed, Unjo can help to integrate the micro controller into your system. System-level functionality may be included (no additional microprocessor needed).



IP blocks – This delivery form is an IP-block VHDL code for FPGA devices designed for high volume applications to customers who design their own hardware. If needed, Unjo can help to integrate the IP blocks into your system.
Main features are extremely high control loop performance, cost reduction by integration of many functions into one FPGA chip, radically shorter development time as well as modularity & scalability.


Systems – Our know-how covers motors, sensors, power supply, displays and other components connected to motor controllers. We offer solutions that are an integral part of your overall system. In addition to the PCB, we can include motors, displays and enclosures in our scope of delivery to make a complete subsystem in your application.