How we work


We have completed over 100 development assignments, and have never failed to deliver a well working technical solution.

System perspective
We offer solutions that are an integral part of the overall system to best fit your needs. Through our extensive experience we have developed a genuine understanding and interest to see the overall system.

Our offer is based around the motor control in the center and fully integrated solutions for adjacent functionality such as HMI, Battery management, Sensors, Communication and Signal processing can all be part of our scope of delivery.

These additional functions can often be integrated into the same hardware and software as the motor control, thereby creating a price-, performance- and space-efficient solution. These additions can also include external products such as motor, enclosure and display to make a complete subsystem for easy integration into your application.

Project process

In all our projects we work very closely together with our customer and act as your extended R&D department. At Unjo we treat all projects as entering a long-term partnership and can be described with the model below.


Prestudy: A project can start with a prestudy to define the project scope, set the specification or verify a concept by building a functional model. We put a lot of emphasis on this step as it sets the platform for the coming work.

Adaptation: The adaptation phase is when we build the new application based on our previous knowledge, Unjo Core™, combined with the agreed requirements in the specification. This step includes the development and verification of the hardware and software and results in approved prototypes. Pilot series are used for field tests and for third party certifications.

Production: Once approved, the products are manufactured by our EMS partner which gives you access to an efficient and highly flexible series production manufacturing system. We takes full responsibility for the entire delivery including order handling, product functionality and quality where each unit is individually tested and results are stored in a database for future reference.

Life cycle support: Unjo is set up for a long-lasting partnership to support the deliveries over the complete product life cycle. This normally requires revisions and updates over time as new functionality is requested by the customer. As a product company, we guarantee the functionality and take all measures needed to secure it over time.


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